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187 definitions by Drew

Kiellor walked into the inn
by Drew August 28, 2003
3 21
derived from tha rapper (slim thug) a not so good member of swisha house productions

It means when you mess things up or you are doing bad things
damn son u slim thuggin it rite now

shit that nigga been slim thuggin it all day
by Drew March 01, 2005
3 22
Same as shit, or awsome
Bloody hell, that hurt,
Bloody hell, that is a good game
by Drew May 28, 2004
31 50
Combination of nice ass and boobs
That Carmen Electra is gifted man! Nice tight ass and boobs
by Drew May 08, 2003
55 74
pain to another organism
i will joust you!
by drew May 02, 2003
2 21
One who is extremely rude and fascist.
"You prick! Stop trying to control me!"
by Drew February 11, 2003
26 46
Acronym... Annoying Guy
Todd won't do a sake bomb, he's so AG
by drew January 13, 2005
2 25