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186 definitions by Drew

One who disregards all the rules of humanity which John Locke set forth to become a civil society, especially in the regions of girlfriend stealing and being a general douche.
"That guy is an FFC look at his stupid clothes and that whore he is with. I dont trust his ass at all."
by drew November 05, 2004
Derogatory term for Midget.
"You stupid little Dorf"
by Drew April 28, 2004
Junk In The Trunk
Dag man, u catch that girls ass, she got some nice JIT!
by Drew May 08, 2003
a new caffeinated 10oz beer from budweiser
get me some of that b^e!
by drew February 17, 2005
When you need to loosen a girl's asshole to put your dick in, you take each index finger and strech the rectum accordingly. After the asshole has been sufficently streched you place one index finger in each nostril of the girl in question. The next step is to ram your cock into her asshole. When she tries to pull away, you reign her back in by her nose, she will be unable to move away from the degrading act that is anal penetration with her own shit in her nose.
He Dirty Q'd nine girls in 2 hours last night
by drew May 06, 2005
Kiellor walked into the inn
by Drew August 28, 2003
to go back and do something
I was vetting my friend's girlfriend last night.
by Drew June 18, 2006