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186 definitions by Drew

A man that wants to marry a woman that sleeps with all kinds of men.
"That Japanese girl you are seeing is having sex with all those guys while your gone." One man says to the choad. "But I love her and people change." Storms away furious. The other man turns to his friend and says. "Whatta CHOAD."
by Drew June 08, 2004
The capability to obliterate and destroy with more force than required.
by Drew October 27, 2003
same as duct, scotch, athletic (although ironic), video and cassette
Masking Melvin enjoys reemnelson science
by drew March 19, 2003
Best bud in the wholllllllle world, yeah, i went there
Sags pwns, i <3 sags, emo sucks
by Drew March 23, 2005
this is an abreviation for NON ENERGETIC BODY. Jocks would call someone that is they are bad at sports.
EX: Look at Mike, he has'nt gotten the ball once!he's such a NEB
by Drew July 21, 2004
Nipples that are found on one side of one's chest placed vertically, one above the other.
You, good sir, have flounder nipples.
by Drew August 17, 2003
Synonyms- not right, moronic, ignorant.
Antinyms- right, correct, intelligence.
A law firm in new york city refused to accept someone because he was left handed. . . the ancients considered left a horrible and uncivilized thing, and this idea obviously remains today.
by Drew January 21, 2005