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When someone overflows the bowl of a marijuana smoking device.
Whoa, holy shit mayn you bushed it? righteous.
by Drew October 23, 2003
the act of giving one a swirlie however instead of the traditional 2 or three bullies its only one bully holding the kid up and flushing at the same time
WOW , that guy is huge he can pull of a one man swirlie on ur ass
by Drew April 14, 2003
A massive erection in your pants clumped up to make it look like a big lump in the front of your pants
Once I saw that chick man, I got the biggest bulg
by Drew March 08, 2005
victorias weekly pay
see victoria
by drew November 05, 2003
someone who is the epidome of a chaunce a.k.a, total fool. This a takeoff on the famous name in history, Ponce de Leon.
"Dude, J.P. is such a Ponce de le Chaunce"
by drew March 12, 2004
a shitty movie <(..)> <<..<< \\..//
//..\\ (.)(.)
i wached such a shizzleflick last night.
by drew April 04, 2005
The opposite of blow, yet they are used as the same word. . . wtf?

what all women want to do to me
1. She sucked my cock.
She blowed my cock.
2. Wow this sucks.
Wow this blows.
by Drew January 21, 2005

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