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See hete. Derived from Hetero to the MINUS 1. Meaning the inverse of heterosexual and, therefore, homosexual.
Jason, you minus 1, quite looking at Rick's ass!
by Drew October 07, 2003
One who is shady, or does things with the sole intention of keeping it from their close friends.
"Dude, just tell me what happened. Dont be such a shitbag!"
by Drew July 07, 2003
A horse boob or something that looks like a horse boob
That chick is so fat she has hoobs
by Drew April 03, 2005
Doing doggystyle at the top of a set of steps, whereby the "catcher" has their hands on the second step down. Lay down with your chest against said catcher's back and knock their arms out from under them. Hang on and enjoy the ride.
It's a good idea to wear a helmet when you bobsled.
by Drew August 05, 2004
A massive erection in your pants clumped up to make it look like a big lump in the front of your pants
Once I saw that chick man, I got the biggest bulg
by Drew March 08, 2005
every other day
i take showers bidaily, alone.
by drew May 03, 2004
A blaze of white stripes represtinging speed
mr.smith is a whiteblaze
by Drew April 18, 2004
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