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word used to gain attention from someone by calling them a fatsquatch.

you. person. dude. hey you. you there. buddy.
hey fatsquatch, what are you doing?
by Drew September 12, 2004
A blow to the face, with male genitalia.
She wouldn't open her mouth, so he gave her a shapapy.
by drew August 23, 2004
(Miserable) Adj. Any bad situation, event, person, ...
1. That old car is looking mizz.

2. You're looking mizz.
by Drew May 16, 2004
To place a phone call to. Digits being an obvious reference to a phone number.
Joe B.: "What ya doin' later?"
Drew: "Shiat cracker, I don't know man. Run my digits after you get done farkin' yo momma."
by Drew January 06, 2004
a term used by adam corolla.
see: good times
Dr, Drew: what did your dad do to you?
caller: well, he abused me and drank beer and ran away when I was 8.
Adam: bad times
by Drew January 02, 2004
an alternative to the word chiba or cheeba.
we be smokin that treeba
by drew July 12, 2003
when you put yur finger straight up yur bunghole and then you put it right next to someones eye, then you call their name. when they turn around to see who it is they get your shitty finger right in their eye
" when Dean Lekas turned around to see who called his name i gave him a poopypupil
by drew February 07, 2004

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