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metaphorical reference to the phallus where the urethral opening appears as if it is an eye of a serpent.
she kneeled before the one-eyed god

he left the priesthood because all he could do was worship the one-eyed god
by drew June 13, 2004
(Miserable) Adj. Any bad situation, event, person, ...
1. That old car is looking mizz.

2. You're looking mizz.
by Drew May 16, 2004
When Richie acts like a deuche bag.

(See Also shuzz )
Drew: Titte Richie. Titte. Go join the titte fest you motha fucker.
by Drew February 13, 2004
insted of getting morning wood right after you wake up, you get it right after you wake up, preferably at 7:30 after you wake up at 7:00am
"when i woke up my cock was fine but while i was brushing my teeth, i got such bad jorwood that i was embarassed to go down stairs to eat breakfast"
by drew February 07, 2004
To place a phone call to. Digits being an obvious reference to a phone number.
Joe B.: "What ya doin' later?"
Drew: "Shiat cracker, I don't know man. Run my digits after you get done farkin' yo momma."
by Drew January 06, 2004
you can call someone this when they do something gay, or, just say it for no reason. Also, a really gay person.
dude you're a flamestaff
camp jim
by Drew January 02, 2004
booty, ass
"shimmy shimmy ya, ohhh baby i like it raw" -ODB, Wu-Tang
by drew December 25, 2003

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