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1. Sugar rolled up in a handkerchief held together by a piece of string for a baby to suckle on.

Used primarily in situations where you are attempting to quiet a child. (and give it a set of rotten teeth as they come in)

2. Something Grandmom yells when she is upset
Example 1: "I gave my baby a sugar-tit to quiet it during the movie.

Example 2: "oh sugar-tit!"
by Drepanon January 05, 2010
A word developed by Prof. Frank Tomorrow. in the late 80's. Meaning is sort of mocking and dismissive.

Usually Combined with the word Woo-Hoo

Ainsh Woo-Hoo!

Brett: "Hey what are you talking about frank"
Frank: "Ainsh Woo-Hoo"

Brett: "Pshhh Nahhh"
by Drepanon January 05, 2010

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