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Short for compact disc. A piece of plastic, mostly round, with the recordable side silver (although there are different shapes, sizess and colours), used for storing data. CD's hold from 600 to 700 MB of data, which equals about 70 or 80 minutes of music.
* Customer: "I'll have you know, I've never even seen a computer before yesterday."

Great. Great start to a call. He wanted to install the Internet connection software we have, so I had him insert the CD. "It ain't workin'!" was all I heard for about two minutes of trying the drive and checking to see if it was really there.

* Tech Support: "Sir, could you eject your CD for a moment? We need to check if it's scratched."
* Customer: "Ok."
* Tech Support: "Look on the bottom of the CD, and see if there are any scratches on it."
* Customer: "On the bottom? Shouldn't we check the top?"
* Tech Support: "Is the shiny side of the CD on the top?"
* Customer: "Of course."
* Tech Support: "Ok, could you flip it over so the shiny side is down and then insert it into the drive?"
* Customer: "Won't it scratch if I put it in like that?"
* Tech Support: "No, it won't scratch."
* Customer: "Well, ok...."

He inserted the CD in the drive correctly, and then his computer froze.

* Customer: "My computer froze! I told you it would scratch the CD!"
* Tech Support: "I'm sure that's not the problem--"
* Customer: "I can't believe you scratched the CD."
* Tech Support: "Ok, sir, could you hold down 'ctrl' and 'alt', and then-- (clunking sounds) Hello? Hello, sir?"

There was no one on the line for a moment. Then he spoke up again.

* Customer: "I've been holding 'ctrl' and 'alt' for the past two minutes, and nothing is happening at all on my whole damn computer, because you made me scratch the software."
by Dreben_2097 August 20, 2005
Drugs. To use drugs.
Stay away from that guy... He does marbles.
by Dreben_2097 May 23, 2005
Someone of Gypsy or Afro-American origin; see mangal;
"Git lost Mango, before I kick ya' ass"
by Dreben_2097 May 23, 2005
Someone who is fat, obese. Used in front of name.
"Look at USS Mary, she's like a whale or somethin'"
by Dreben_2097 May 23, 2005
Maybe was good in 1995, but now he will be remembered as the retard that tried to fuck up Linkin Park. His only good new song is '99 Problems'.
Jay-Z: "H to the izzo, J to the izzo, E to the izzo..."
Mike Shinoda (high on pot): "One thing, I don't know why, it doesn't even matter how hard you try, keep that in mind I designed this rhyme to explain due time all I know..."
In The End/Izzo

Now THAT was a stupid song.
by Dreben_2097 May 29, 2005
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