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A beautiful french name. Of a woman that has blue and green eyes. She is a lush best friend. At times its hard to care for Celine because she thinks she can hide anything. BUT its always noticeable to find out what's going on. She is a stubborn woman but push her buttons to an extent and you'll find answers! This woman you wouldn't want to leave. Celine understands every aspect of the person she is dating. Incredibly coureagous with an I don't care attitude. That most find attractive. Can be emotionally attached but has there boyfriend falling in trances. Hypnotizing to the MAX. Celine is very very sexy european. A freak in the sheets. Always willing to jump your bones. Finds people who are sweet and outgoing the most attractive. But are stubborn and fiesty at the same time. She will drownd you in love and emotions that are overwhelmingly warm to the heart. She is addicting and can sexually satisfying to anyone with 0 confidence. Because she is that much of a sex addict. Trustful to the one she loves. Loves late night conversations and a good laugh that will make her run to the restroom. Celine is a woman that you cannot get bored of. Her personality is astonishing. Never a dull moment with Celine. Fights for her lover. An amazing girlfriend she is. Keep her happy and she'll make you fall hard.
Pulling a Celine!

All of my ex girlfriends are jealous of her. I don't blame them because look at how beautiful she is!

I'm a lucky bastard! Celine is mine.
by Dre Omar Jelise April 02, 2013

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