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Someone who is obsessed with the Facebook game, Farmville and constantly annoying others with requests to help him with his farm.
"Can you believe this guy has been playing Farmville for 10 hours? What a farmtard."
by Drazilyob February 03, 2010
Noun. 2 meanings: 1) An asshole who is obsessed with playing Farmville and lets it interfere with his entire life.

Noun. 2) Similar to a k-hole, which one experiences after ingesting too much cat tranquilizer, someone who has been locked in their basement for 3 days straight, playing Farmville, will go into a farm-hole
1. This farmhole hasn't showered or left his apartment for three weeks because of that ahole game.

2. Can you believe that Bob totally went into a farm-hole last night? He wouldn't stop planting corn for 2 days.
by Drazilyob February 03, 2010

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