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a real sport... all u foreign bullshit faggots, dont kno shit. pads are there cause were pussies. pads are there because of the fucking 160 lb of all muscle guy runnign at u full speed ready to rip ur head off... soccer is for pansies.. runn down a field kicking ball. the worst thing u hafta worry abot if someguy sliding to steal the ball and you tripping... ow.... now put a 150 pound linebacker and try to not get hurt.. pussies

plus, its not 22 fat guys runnign around bumping for 5 seconds. plays could last a long time. then u only have 40 senconds for the next play, not five minutes..... funning for 90 minutes easy
running for an hor and having guys trying to kill u, not easy
im lucky, i play defense
soccer- pussies
football- men
by DrayBomb August 27, 2005

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