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Is when an attempt at Resort To Geronimo is failed, at that point your prison inmate buddy wants to bring a swift can of ultimate hot sauce pain to your butthole by ripping it in two with a double fisting.

Damn, Hawkins. That was a bloody mess in cell block 6. Well, that's a Geronimo Whiplash for ya.
by Dranon Von Ryle August 29, 2011
That annoying ring in your ear when everything is dead silent.
Man, I crash after the concert last night and I had such an Ear Fly.
by Dranon Von Ryle September 07, 2011
An action taken in retaliation if your spouse pisses you off, by pissing the sheets on his/her side and then waiting until your significant other 'hops in bed'.
Man, my friend Jake gave his wife a pissing special when she refused him sex.
by Dranon Von Ryle August 29, 2011
Is the last attempt to knock your prison cell inmate buddy the fuck out before he has his way with your ass.

Be forewarned, a failed attempt at resort to geronimo may create a Geronimo Whiplash situation.

Please refer to Urban Dictionary for Geronimo Whiplash
Hey Hawkins, did you see that inmate resort to geronimo the when he was about to get plugged the other day?
by Dranon Von Ryle August 29, 2011
1) A perfect prelude to a divorce.

2) Someone who is in an abstinence program.

3) When getting laid is not an option.
My friend Miles waited outside since 2am in the morning with his mother to buy the new Harry Potter book. I didn't realize he was such a comic convention jockey.
by Dranon Von Ryle August 29, 2011

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