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The hating of the normal house cat due to its creation of sheer annoyance by meowing and generally being an unfaithful little shit.
1: Dude, i fucking hate cats
2: you got some real cat-hate there
#cats #hate #cat #hatred #evil
by Drako169 December 06, 2009
A large mammal who is generally lazy and easy going but is know to burst into fits of rage when confronted with cats, low life scum and bad aim. He is known to take great pride in his marksman skillz and currently holds the records for "most shit fucked up at long range"
Gamer 1: Dude, were'd that shot come from?
Gamer 2: Dunno man, i couldn't see shit
Emobear: Die, cat loving scum!
#emo #bear #sniper #cat-hate #scum
by Drako169 December 06, 2009
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