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There are 3 types of 'Chav'

-Wannabe Chav- These are you're 8-11 kidswho go round in tracksuits, caps pointed upwards, with some type of addidas jacket on. they ussualy wonder round in groups and thing there badboys just because there are lots of them. They sometime smoke, becuase that makes you look 'hard' and will try to start a fight with and imitate what you say. These are very annoying and should all try a bit harder. commonly reffered to as Charva

- Gay Chav - These Chavs always seem to be poor, smell and where the same clothes all the time. They commonly ask you for a 'fag' (Ciggarette) at which most people reply to as no. They then say 'yeah you do' for some reason, even if you do don't OR they will ask you for a lighter, it is less common that they will say 'yeah you do' if you say no. They where the same clothes as a typical Chav and hang around in groups of 2-4 in which they will go round drawing on walls saying stuff like 'Bez was ere reppin B6 07' or they terroise smaller, more innocent people. These Chavs are ussualy very stupid.

-'Safe' Chav- These Chavs are alright, they wear the more expensive type of Nike,Adidas and do not seem to have a problem with anybody. They will not start fights, but they may ask you for a fag. if you reply no, they says its alright and leave. You can talk to them, and they will have no problem with you. These Chavs hang around in larger groups 6-8 but pose no threat.
Wannabe Chav: yeah man, yeah man when we see him we're gonna smash him innit, yeah yeah, wanna fight? na na na you is a pussy innit

Gay Chav: Oi mate got a fag?
Guy: No..
Gay Chav: Yeah you do

Safe Chav: Yeah you know that girl who goes to your school?
Guy: Yeah, I know her
Safe Chav: Yeah I would bang her, yeah?
by Drake101 July 27, 2007

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