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Towerdiving:(Fantasy extreme sport)
Jumping off a tall tower and teleporting back to the top just before you hit the ground. The taller the tower, the more likely you are to survive. Minimum safe height to practice this feat is about 3 stories.
It helps if teleporting is an innate power.
Shaine Melli Coradara, half drow raised near Trademeet, Amn, has set the record of doing it off a short, single story barn without a scratch.

Be careful when you towerdive!
by DragonGirl May 22, 2005
A Latvian girl name meaning wind.
Jack: Who is that girl?
Jill: Oh, she is Maraija.
by Dragongirl May 09, 2012
A really cool band that has way too many preps and teenies fawning over them so everyone else who might actually like them are labeled as such. If you listen to the music and like it because it's good music, you're a good fan. If you like it because everyone else in the world likes them, you're a teenie and should be shot.
Teenie/Idiotic Prep: Oh My Gosh, everyone else loves GC so much! They must be awesome! I'm going to go run out and buy all their cds and obsess over one of the members so I'm cool like everyone else! Good Charlotte roxxors!
Real fan: GC rocks! The music is really meaningful and the members are just so cool. Go out and buy all their cds? What do you mean? I already have them. I need their first one again cuz it never leaves my cd changer...
by DragonGirl May 13, 2005

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