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2 definitions by Dragoncat14

n. : Reference to a kuffiyeh/scarf/large handkerchief worn around the neck by a guy who is usually also wearing any combination of a faux hawk, tight t-shirt, skinny jeans and or aviator glasses, etc., i.e. a douchebag… thus douchekerchief.
My bud: That party was cool but what was with that guy with the faux hawk and that thing around his neck?

Me: Oh yeah, the poser with the kuffiyeh or as I like to call it... the douchekerchief… cuz he was totes mcgoat a douchebag.
by Dragoncat14 May 02, 2010
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Adj. : Anyone of European and "elsewhere" ethinicity (usually exotic). Normally used in reference to hot chicks.
Me: That eurethnic fitness model is hot!

My Bud: Yeah I think she’s Danish and African… or something like that…she's Danican!
by Dragoncat14 May 01, 2010
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