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A slang internet language mostly used by gamers to confuse other players. It is a series of numbers and symbols derived from the English language in a way that it looks similar to the letter it represents.

There are many different varieties of it from just a few numbers to "hardcore 1337" also known as 31337.
1. mango_tango263: 1 4|\/| 50 1337 |\|00|\|3 \/\/111 3\/312 |_||\||)312574|\||) |\/|3.

Hardcor3_1337: \/\/|-|47(|-||_| 741|<1|\| |30|_|7 \/\/11115?

2. 1F Y0U (4N R34D 7H15 Y0U B451C411Y UND3R574ND 17.
by Dragon_slayer1337 June 24, 2010

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