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2 definitions by Dracco Hulka

Stratford is a small city in south western ontario world renown for it's Shakespearean festival. During the summer

the streets are flooded with tourists from around the world taking in a play at one of the three theaters in town or visiting the many shops and locally owned stores, stratford also has many fine cafe's , bars and restaurants that range from quaint to extravagant, this city is definitely an amazing place to visit ...... in the summer ...... the winter on the other hand... Stratford becomes a cold, miserable,deserted, BORING little town, the streets that once filled with well dressed tourists become baron till the sun sets and the locals flood to one of the many bars to drink their sorrows away and then flood out onto the streets and fight.... why? ... what else is there to do ?
Stratford is well known for it's over-the-top , violent bar fights. Stay on their good side... or make sure you have the local ambulance service on speed dial.
Overheard conversation between 2 visitors to stratford, Ontario

Man #1 " Let's steal that pool table from those guys"

Man #2 "What are you fucking stupid?!, he's got wet

blood on his shirt and i don't fucking think

it's his "
by Dracco Hulka February 08, 2010
When a married man goes out clubbing or bar hopping with friends and puts his wedding ring on his key chain so he can pretend to be single and have fun. Now this doesn't mean that he is going to cheat on his wife, it just means that it's easier to have fun in a club if you're not dancing by yourself 'cause every woman there can see that you're married.
Guy 1 "Dude, where's your wedding ring?"

Guy 2 " I'm Key Chaining tonight"
by Dracco Hulka February 09, 2010