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An adult hardcore drinking game best played with a group of people (but can also be played solo). An order is set to see who goes first, second, third, etc. Each person has the first type of scotch in front of them and the one to goes first drinks the glass as a shot, immediately followed by the second person, who is then immediately followed by the third person and so on and so forth. This constitutes as the first round. Second round is similar but done with another type of scotch. There can be an OPTIONAL three minute break between rounds (let's face it, bartenders take a while to get you another drink let alone several). If by some chance there are still players aware after te five rounds, start over. Players are eliminated for breaking the cycle (going before their turn), taking too long to down their drink, or for passing out. Last person standing is the winner.

For a list of types of scotch, look up scotch on wikipedia.

Don't drink and drive!
1.) We went down to the bar Friday night to play a game of hopscotch but one of my friends passed out after only the second round.
by Dr_Girafales July 05, 2011
The immediate release of poop as soon as you sit on the toilet after holding it in for a while or after eating too much. Just like a slam dunk, only done with the ass.

Having to take a shit real bad
I went to go eat with a friend the other day. When we go back to the dorm he scurried to the bathroom, taking small but quick steps. Seconds after he shut the door I heard him shout "slam dump!"
by Dr_Girafales April 20, 2011

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