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1. Equivalent to expressions such as "God damn!" or "oh my God!".

Used at a time when something awesome or unbelieveble happens.
*Old man Bubba rams into the back of skater Bob's car*
Skater Bob: sweet fuck!
*Old man Bubba gets out of his car*
Old man Bubba: Sweet fuck!
*crowd gathers around the accident site*
Crowd (in unison): sweet fuck!
by DrZsaysImSpecial July 08, 2005
1. The element within a singer's voice that indicates that said singer is under the impression that he or she is tearin' it up, when indeed he or she is not.
Rob Thomas


Rob Thomas: "I don't wanna be lone-lay no mooh-haa! I don't wanna have to pay for this (nooo-oo ooh-haa!)"
by DrZsaysImSpecial July 08, 2005
1. What emits from the mouth of the whitest of white boys in reference to a black girl. Normally sounds like a bad Davy Jones immitation.
Stank Putt: Hey Razy!
Razy: Go home, black gyal!
Stank Putt: *falls out laughing* Oh Davy!
by DrZsaysImSpecial July 08, 2005
1. A phrase used to describe a bite or a wedgie. "Butta" correlates with butt cheeks, and the pants wedge between the butt cheeks, appearing to cut/slice them, thus the phrase.
Madea: Billy Jean, yo pants is cuttin the butta!
Billy Jean: Damnit ma! I told you to get that for me next time it happened.
Madea: *snatches pants out of billy jean's ass crack*
Billy Jean: Thanks bitch!
by DrZsaysImSpecial July 01, 2005
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