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To text and walk without looking ahead.
Dude! Did you hear about the text-destrian that walked into the fountain?!?!
by DrZoo July 19, 2011
A place you go after you get really high, because things are coming after you. In this place, the things that are after you can't get you anymore.

Example: A dark corner, your room or simply anyplace where you feel safe.
"I can't take this anymore, I'm going to my saftey safe." - Jud
by DrZoo November 08, 2009
The female version of "What's his nuts?. Generally used to replace the name of someone you've forgotten to talk about, or can't remember their name. Refers to the lips of her vagina.
Guy 1: Dude! I saw what's her lips today at the gym?!?!
Guy 2: My ex, Angela?
Guy 1: Yeah, her!!
by DrZoo February 14, 2011

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