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Automatic Nut Buster; an incredibly attractive girl who seems to cause your testicles to spontaneously burst. Usually used as a sarcastic joke.
Oliver: Here comes Kimberlyn, what an ANB
Mark: Ew gross, she's huge!
#repulsive #unattractive #frightful #gargantuan #hideous
by DrTillslyPhD December 12, 2009
A high school outcast; pariah. someone who is rarely seen outside of school. In most cases, the person smells bad or has a distasteful quality about them.
Mark: "I didn't see Nate at the party last night."
Oliver: "I know, what a Smelsh, i only see him in History class."
#pariah #outcast #loser #uncommon #oddball
by DrTillslyPhD January 17, 2010
The depressed, lazy, blank feeling that makes itself present after waking up early and spending 5 hours of your Saturday filling in small bubbles with a #2 pencil.
Oliver: Hey do you want to go grab a bite to eat?
Mark: Sorry man, I can't shake this damn SAT hangover.
#sat #lazy #blank #boring #depressed
by DrTillslyPhD March 13, 2010
Rural; relating to agricultural material
"The back way to my house takes you through some farmic areas"

"My aunt's house is very farmic, it reminds me of an agricultural workplace"

"Mark, those overalls make you look very farmic today"
#farm #agriculture #rural #domestic #cow
by DrTillslyPhD May 17, 2010
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