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2 definitions by DrTeabagPHD

To discretely sniff ones underarms for stank before venturing out in to public areas as to not offend other with fowl body odor.
Hey man you ready to go?

Yea but first, let me take a smellfie. *sniff*

Yea we good, let's dip!
by DrTeabagPHD July 02, 2014
The act of male masterbation, in which the semen flows like goo out of the tip, thus making it appear as if a volcano erupted onto ones hand. Can also be used as an insult.
"Man, I was tugging one out last night when to my demise, it ended in a hand-cano!"

Insult: " Oh man that kid Tyler? He can go hand-cano himself he's a real bitch."
by DrTeabagPHD September 19, 2010