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A condition whereby the sufferer does not like to be out in public or surrounded by people for long periods of time. The sufferer would rather be alone and by themselves than have interaction with other people. The person with this condition is not a loner, just someone who prefers their own company to the company of others.
"That's Shannon over there, she's got Hermititis. I think she caught it in Iowa."

"Hey Shannon, whats up with you today? You don't seem to be yourself.."
"Oh, thats just my Hermititis flaring up again. Must be a full moon."

by DrStrange August 09, 2006
when masturbating over a girl the guy cums on her face. he then pulls up his pants, before winking and pointing at the girl "fonz" style before saying "keep the change" as he leaves the room.

** note - this only works if you do not touch the girl after you smear her face with your man fat.
"so, mark, how did it go with that girl last night?"
"oh, i tipped the waitress."
*high fives*

"are you on for tipping the waitress tonight?"

"i tipped the waitress last night, generously as well. i completely emptied my coin purse."
by drstrange August 08, 2006
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