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Something sprinkled all over an attractive girl - used to describe an irresistable aura that surrounds a woman, that certain something you can't put your finger on - that magical, sexual presence; seePheremones.
Wow that girl has sexy dust all over her - I dont know what it is but I can't stop staring at her!
by DrMario April 09, 2009
The instant muscles you get from drinking creatine and water and working out for a week or two.
Girl 1: Wow that guy is so cute, look at how big his arms are!

Girl 2: Girl, those are just water muscles.
by DrMario April 14, 2009
Anything that is proven to be fact by searching for keywords on Google's search engine and comparing the result totals.

The search engine (www.google.com) is used because it is the de facto search engine of choice on the internet.
If you Google (verb) the words "Dick Cheney" + "Selfless", you get 25,400 results (as of 7/2009).

If you Google the words "Dick Cheney"
+ "Selfish" you get 110,000 results.

This is intended to indicate that the popular consensus on the internet is that 'Dick Cheney' is more closely associated with the term 'selfish' than 'selfless'. He must therefore be, in fact, selfish.

This conclusion is called 'Google Wisdom'.
by DrMario July 07, 2009
Sport Utility Xrossover - station wagons that wish they were sport utility vehicles.
That SUX, its just a glorified station wagon.
by DrMario November 12, 2010

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