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Protographer; someone who owns a camera and actually gets paid for it. Someone with a higher level of skill than mere ownership. A professional photographer
Charlie takes pictures of houses to sell houses. Carolyn takes pictures of houses to sell pictures of houses. Charlie has a camera. Carolyn is a protographer.
by DrJimbob May 31, 2011
Barely worth celebrating.
It was bad enough to get the speeding ticket, but I'll be singing hardllelujah when my insurance rate goes up !
by DrJimbob December 30, 2011
When a movie is so lame and filled with no-talent celebrities that you'd rather be knee-capped before seeing it again.
"So how was that movie?". "Man, it was so Retardo Kneecaprio, it might as well have starred the Olson Twins.
by DrJimbob September 04, 2011
The further evolution of "Muffin Tops". The difference between someone who can be considered to be carrying muffin tops and someone who is suffering from the entire pastry shop. OBESE.
fat obese muffin tops muffin top Look at her, those aren't muffin tops, that's PASTRY SHOP !
by DrJimbob September 04, 2011
The waiting time after you click a tab where you don't know if your computer has gone to hell or not. You don't know if you're waiting for heaven or hell.
I hit "enter" and now I'm just watching it spin. I'm sitting in clicktagory until my computer god decides where to send me
purgatory heaven hell
by DrJimbob August 06, 2011
ENTREPMANURE; n. The results from poor biz planning. The person who creates same.
"He really stepped into some shit here with his new biz. It's just a big a pile of entrepmanure." crap
by DrJimbob July 28, 2011
Pet sleeping chamber in the bedroom, usually on the floor, but generally, just large enough for a particular animal to turn around and sleep in. An enclosed petbed, often portable.
"Bedcase", {doghouse}{petcage}
by DrJimbob May 30, 2011

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