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An awesome browser that has features that IE neglected. Popup blocking, tabbed browsing, keyword searching... extentions let you do mouse gestures and a lot more.

Oh, did I mention, it's faster too. And it's only 14 MB.
People come to me with their computer problems, saying that IE stopped working. I send them the Firefox as a solution, and later, they always thank me for it.
by DrIdiot June 27, 2004
A punk that obsesses over the extreme marketing hype. An extreme sports punk:
rides a skateboard
drives a hummer
has a mohawk
has tattoos
has testicular rings
screams "EXTREME" at the top of his lungs
is an asshole
has an IQ lower than 30
participates in vandalism
hates the establishment for no reason other than the sake of doing so
is full of shit
will do anything if you "triple dare" him to

Because extreme sports punks have so little personality, they don't even deserve proper naming.
by DrIdiot April 23, 2005
Libertarian presidential candidate for 2004.

Probably the best and most respectable Libertarian candidate yet.

Worked with David Cobb throughout the election for the fight to get third party candidates into the CPD-sponsored presidential debates. Was arrested with Cobb for attempting to enter one.
I hope Michael Badnarik runs again in 2008.
by DrIdiot May 30, 2005
1. An idiot
2. Someone that causes problems; if something goes wrong while a sheeks is around, you can usually assume that he/she is to blame.
1. That guy is such a fucking sheeks. What an idiot.
2. When that sheeks walked in the door, I spilled concentrated hydrochloric acid all over my face. Way to go, sheeks!
by DrIdiot November 26, 2006
The Master of War in Chrono Trigger, found in the End of Time, who kicks major ass.

His theme song kicks major ass.
All his forms (Kilwala, Goblin, Omnicrone, Masa, Nu) kick ass.
His fighting kicks ass.
His talking kicks ass.

Everything about him kicks ass.
Spekkio just kicked your ass.
by DrIdiot August 31, 2004
Your rights as a consumer.

As a consumer you (should) have a right to products that:
a) will not explode and destroy your city block
b) will not burn an orifice in your intestine
c) do not contain heavy metals
d) et
unless explicitly stated that they do.

As Americans, we have seen a large reduction in consumer rights, largely being yielded to allow the expansion of coporate rights because of corporate lobbyists in Washington.
Politicians in Washington are funded by corporations. Corporations don't care about consumer rights, they care about making a profit. Making a profit usually means disregarding consumer rights.

Ralph Nader is a consumer rights advocate.

Great Britain banned Dasani water after finding that it was bottled tap water and contained carcinogens like barium, a poisonous heavy metal. This was a step foward in the consumer rights movement.

It's good to know that although consumer rights have been severely reduced, they're not completely gone yet. We've got a couple years left.
by DrIdiot April 03, 2005
Green Party presidential candidate for 2004, ran with Pat LaMarche.

Was arrested for attempting to enter a presidential debate (which he, along with Ralph Nader and Michael Badnarik were excluded) run by the CPD. Michael Badnarik was arrested for doing the same moments later.

A respectable man with close ties to Michael Badnarik. They share similar and differing beliefs. They held numerous debates with each other, each of them containing less attacking and more debating than the CPD-sponsored presidential debates. Also worked with Badnarik in the 2004 Ohio recount.
David Cobb was a pretty good candidate, but he gave off too much of a hippie aura.
by DrIdiot May 30, 2005
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