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A magicial location, often dreamt of by men, where Blowjobs are as prevelant as water, as succulent as Filet Mignon and as inspired as Oprah Winfrey talking about Barack Obama. Blowjobs in Blowjob City are tailored for however the receiver desires.
I always have dreams about this magical location Blowjob City, but when I wake up, reality hits me in the face.
by DrFellatio January 19, 2008
Any place in which you are about to get a blowjob
After we went to dinner and I gave her the diamond neckalce, I knew I was headed to Blowjob City
by DrFellatio January 19, 2008
Proof that Roger Clemens is both guilty and an idiot. This made up word was Celmens response to Andy Petitte's testimony where he stated that Petitte and Clemens discussed the use of Human Growth Hormons together. Clemens stated that this conversation did not happen and that Petitte "misremembered" it.
Roger Clemens made us all a bit stupider by saying that Andy Petitte misremembered a conversation they had about the use of steriods.
by DrFellatio February 14, 2008

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