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Win-cest: Referring to the apparently lightly “inbred” nature of the residents of the town of Winchester, CT in particular and to residents of Northeast Litchfield county in general. Cuts across all social and economic boundaries. Might be a Raggy thing, might not. Not surprising really since many of the first families to settle the area are still here after 10 or so generations and have not moved more than a couple miles in the last 250 years. Often used unfairly to target people from Winsted since the populations of the surrounding towns of Colebrook, Riverton, The Hartlands, both East and West, Barkhamsted, New Hartford, Burrville, Winchester Center, Goshen and Norfolk are all at the very least equally lacking in genetic diversity. Let’s not get started on what happens when you cross the state line into the Berkshires of Massachusetts!
She's my 3rd cousin once removed on my mother’s side and my second cousin twice removed on my father’s side. i.e.: a Win-cest uous marriage.

From pretty much any front porch in Litchfield County, if you listen really closely, you can hear dueling banjo music drifting on the wind.
by DrDNA December 15, 2010

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