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When your smartphone suddenly dies and you call tech support and they ship you a new battery. It takes 3 days to get there and when you put it in your phone still doesn't work and you have to wait 3 more days. You can't put up with it anymore so you go buy a 'GO' phone just to be able to talk.
Sorry I didn't get back with you, I was busy going through Smartphone Withdrawals so I caved in and got me a Pre-Paid phone while I wait.
by DrArkaneX August 05, 2011
When a child turns 10 and they think they have the mentality of a Teenager. Happens more often to girls than guys. Essentially, it's a tween but a more logical word and not as fluffy as the word tween.
She sure has an baditude.

It's ok, she just thinks she's a tenager.
by DrArkaneX January 23, 2011
(D)ildo (o)f (D)eath . The acronym stemmed from quite a few posts on Ars Technica back in 2000-2002 and basically a DoD is a picture taken disadvantageously of a normal setting with something phallic in the background, like a large tower, Seattle Needle, Eiffel tower, etc.
"That's a great picture, but next time leave out the DoD.. it's coming out of your grandmother's skull!"
by DrArkaneX April 25, 2008

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