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(DrAik-Roadz):n/adj: Drake is the sweet boy you fall In love with at first sight. Drake is humble, the best hugger, kisser, cuddler.<3 A drake is another word for perfect in name form. A drake is very rare to have occur in your life. He is the kind of guy to make any girl, person even, lucky to be in his presence. Drake is a guy with naturally perfect teeth who's smile; laugh can brighten up a room. If light bulbs were amounted measurements of perfect, a drake would be the sun. A drake has is most commonly known by his very lucky girlfriend.<3
Wow he has a great smile.!
"Yeah.! He must be a drake.!"
#drake #perfect #lovely #handsome #sunshine
by Dr.truth April 28, 2013
To act like a hypocrite or try to be mad at someone but can't stay mad.
"I feel so lindaly because I suppose to stay mad at my boyfriend, but cant"
#hypocrite #linda #mad #pity #weird
by Dr.Truth April 28, 2008
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