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The original grand-daddy of electric bass. Even legendary Jaco Pastorius was influenced by him along with many other greats like Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, Geddy Lee ect. One of the most important factor for Motown's success, he played bass like nobody did before improvising lines, injecting soul and bringing in the groove while using nothing more than his pointer finger. It's being said he never changed strings or cleaned the frets to keep the raw sound of "sweat and dirt infested wood and steel" intact. An epitome, he was a true professionals playing whats required of bass players, that is support the song rather than being a showboat playing the so called lead bass crap which Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Billy Sheehan, Bootsy Collins, Les Claypool and the likes do nowadays. Actually I like that also and never intend to take the brilliance away from these masters, yet I think James Jamerson is the one who started popular electric bass playing. Sadly, Berry Gordy exploited him and he was not able to adapt to the fast changing needs of the music industry leading an obscured life uncredited for all the greatness he deserved. James departed this miserable planet in 1983 due to excessive alcoholism, but as time went by his genius was discovered and even a documentary was made on him and the Funk Brothers (the Motown band of the 60s). Today he is considered one of the greatest bassists who ever lived. Respect & RIP JJ.
New bass freak: Who played bass in Marvin Gaye's Whats going on?
Old timer: James Jamerson
New bass freak: Wtf, I always thought Jenna Jameson was only a pornstar.
Old timer: JAMES JAMERSON you idiot (and shoots himself)

Go check youtube for more examples
by Dr.Sperm May 21, 2011
Social network creatures who make a big deal about their attitude. They generally put their attitude crap in the "about me" section.

Common lines used by an attitude whore are: I am like this, Don't piss me off or I will piss you off in tons, I hate hypocrites, I hate people with fake attitudes, Don't tell me what to do, If you think my attitude is bad, so be it ect.
In Facebook their favorite quotation is: If You Can't Accept Me At My Worst , You Don't Deserve Me At My Best.
Facebook Profile
About Me: Hi, I am Megan. I am a no nonsense girl. Don't give me crap or I will attack you back with more crap. I have loads of attitude and I am proud of who I am.....

Me: There goes another attitude whore.
by Dr.Sperm May 29, 2011
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