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masturbating to the smurfs, with increased intensity when smurfette is shown.
i've spent most of my life splurfing. i love to splurf.
by dr.smegman January 19, 2011
using a speculum to gaze into a person's anal cavity, usually for sexual pleasure.
i went to my gynecologist, but i think he was more interested in buttspecking than the open sores on my vagina.
by dr.smegman January 19, 2011
a lesbian who is very physically attractive, but in every other way is completely abrasive and unappealing to males. they are very "butch" as far as personality goes, and usually highly opinionated with feminist ideals. "slyke" is a smashup of the words "sexy" "like" and "dyke"
guy 1: damn, bertha is hot! guy 2: yeah, but she's a man-hating bitch...a total slyke!
by Dr.Smegman January 16, 2011
the end product of an interspecies sex act. because a human cannot impregnate an animal, the collective juices seep from the creature's swollen orifice, producing a rancid stench. it is considered a delicacy in many parts of asia.
After a night of extended bestiality, I awoke to find that I was covered in SLARSH.
by dr.smegman December 04, 2010
the nick-name of a prolific 1970's serial-rapist, now used by other rapists to describe a woman with whom they are particularly interested in raping. The original Butter Face got his nick-name because he used butter as a lubricating agent when he was raping his victims. He was also celebrated for his good taste in women, which is why rapists now call their potential victims "butter faces." Many historians believe that the term "butter face," stems from the saying, "She looks good enough for Butter Face!"
Q:Is she worth it? A:Yeah, she's a definite butter face.
by Dr.Smegman December 04, 2010

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