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Usually applied to people who are wasting time.
That babes just milking the dog....shes never going to get anything done around here.
by Dr.Robert June 07, 2005
A really horny bi girl that plays guitar in a band.
You can tell shes tensing....her sounds too tight..no doubt a pubic tulip on a trick ride.
by Dr.Robert June 07, 2005
Some dufuss looking kid boy/girl that dresses in goofy clothes and acts retarded. Usually found hanging out in front of the video game or the 7-11.
Hey...check out the clown dog! Somebody needs to close the rodeo gate.
by Dr.Robert June 07, 2005
Some goofy looking kid who never answers back when you're talking to him.

Always in some zone where the air must be thin. Reminds you of that russian space chimp when you look at him.
This place is just full of space monkeys.. They're blowing my zone. Lets bag it and be-gone.
by Dr.Robert June 07, 2005
Its an acronym for a lot of crap someone might tell you. Its pure bull shit.
Shes PBSing me again...
by Dr.Robert June 07, 2005
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