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Kikenomics is a combination of the the word "kike" and the word "economics". The word "kikenomics" is used to describe jewish tactics to persuade someone.
Joe: Our forefathers were Luciferian Freemasons and they founded this country.

Steve: Yes, originally the Freemasons wouldn't even allow jews to become Freemasons, but you know how kikes are, they infest anything they can get their hands on. They built their own "Masonic-looking" secret society known as the Illuminati, which became the reason the Freemasons and its original purpose has been destroyed and the jews kept the Satanic looking symbolism to keep people invested in their own programs of suicide like Christianity.

Joe: Wow, that's some intense kikenomics.
by Dr.Knowitall88 July 23, 2011
These are a group of Christian "Nazi's" who seem to ignore the blatant occult symbols the Third Reich used. They also believe that jesus was an Aryan. This is based on British Israelism, which is the same program that's causing muslims to invade England and it's also the foundation of the claims that jesus was a "Pharaoh."

The Christian Identity surfaced back when Hitler was in power, but Hitler rejected the idea stating, "You cannot make an Aryan of Jesus, that's nonsense."1

The xian identity folk also seem to ignore the fact that Jesus preached Communism (Matthew 19:21), was against looking up your own genealogy (1 Timothy 1:4), the fact that Jesus says that having pride is a sin (Job 40:12). Yet these people march around going "White Pride!"

These people also contribute the verses where Jesus is talking down to the Pharisees to Jesus talking down to the entire jewish race, which makes no sense when you look at the life Jesus lived; Jesus was even praised for what he says in Jewish synagogues (Luke 4:15).

Now, the Christian identity believe that the Jews were not Israelites mentioned in the bible, but the bible debunks that myth when Jesus is called "Rabbi" and "the king of Israel" in John 1:49, associating the two shows that the Israelites mentioned in the bible were jewish.

1 Hitler Speaks: A Series of Political Conversations With Adolf Hitler on His Real Aims By Hermann Rauschning, 1st edition, 1939
I don't know which is more deluded the people who believe in "Pharaoh Jesus" or "The Christian Identity."
by Dr.Knowitall88 July 29, 2011
The term 'Aryan' is used to describe the White or Caucasoid race which originated in Europe. The term itself derives from an ancient Aryan word for 'a noble man' - Airya/Arya - and is thus apt to describe this noble, heroic, race.
An Aryan Nation is a noble nation.
by Dr.Knowitall88 July 09, 2011
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