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Noun- refers to the activity of conducting a city-wide search for prescription narcotics such as Vicodin or Oxycontin.
Wellington: "What shall we do this evening?"
Parker: "Well, how about a game of Narco Polo?"
Wellington: "Delightful. Let me fetch the Bentley"
by Dr.Girlfriend June 16, 2009
Verb- refers to the act of taking MDMA (ecstasy) and a strong narcotic (such as Oxycontin) simultaneously, producing a gentle, very carefree state of mind, not unlike a manatee drifting about the Florida Keys (before getting crushed by a speedboat full of bitches).
Carlos: "Hullo Xavier. Have you seen Pascual? He seems to be very slow."

Xavier: "Indeed. He's manatee flipping really hard."

Carlos: "We should engage in that soon."
by Dr.Girlfriend June 16, 2009
Noun- refers to the discharge experienced when performing cunnilingus on a female during her menstrual cycle.
La Quanda: "Hey baby, why don't you stop brushing yo' teeth and get'cho ass into 'dis bed nouw?"

Damon: "Man, bes' check yo' shit-- I dun' want any that East Texas Barbeque Sauce now. Shiiiiit."
by Dr.Girlfriend September 12, 2009

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