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A sport played entirely inside of a moving car. The front passenger's sole duty is to think of the must over the top metal band/word/singer/ect to SCREAM at pedestrians, creating a scare. Points and responses can be tallied. Be mindful of pigs when doing this. Also, for the driver, ensure you're not approaching a red light.
Game On Kids.
*Spots a man on the street*
by Dr.FeelGOOD March 14, 2005
An event where people gather in local parks and ravines to celebrate the absence of work ethic.

First recorded ITTID was just after the discovery of fermentation. Popular in southern European nations which have a high alcohol consumption per capita. Also common amongst nordic countries involved with vodka and rye production. In recent years, has caught on suddenly in southern parts of Canada.
"Hey man, im sick of this class, want to ITTID tonight?"
by Dr.Feelgood February 28, 2005

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