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3 definitions by Dr.D!gs

More commonly known as peameal bacon served with breakfast. Also known as the fat that sticks out of the sides of chicks who where clothes that are too tight, or wear high cut tops and low cut pants, leaving blubber or 'back bacon hanging out the side.
Holy shit man, look at all the back bacon on that chick, you could feed a family of twelve with that.
by Dr.D!gs June 17, 2004
36 14
A sickness suffered by stuck up pretentious women usually found in Toronto bars, who are only interested in the mansize of a guys wallet and material goods.
"Yo man, that biatch has golden pussy syndrome, she been tearin up the town with all my coin.
by Dr.D!gs May 20, 2004
42 31
More commonly known as a prison uniform. Usually orange in colour worn by inmates or escapees that can be seen around the Toronto courthouse. Or, wiggers who think its cool to don prison-wear.
Yo man, check out the escapee bolting from the cops in his SeanJeans!
by Dr.D!gs May 28, 2004
19 11