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Subjective, obsessive,negative jealous thoughts, visuals, questions, usually centered around your girl or ex-girl's past partners or could-be sexual partners. Often occuring during all hours and causing depression/brink insanity in the male. Once the worms have they're hook set they're damn near impossible to get rid of. Symptoms include ...asking those tmi questions that drive your partners crazy about past partners (size, positions, where they did it)- You NEED to know type. Constantly on the eye for 'Him' or 'Her' around and, when seeing them, visual movie theater sex scene with your partner causing damn near dementia. Once a name has been 'wormed' hearing it or seeing it printed causes a negative, emotional rage that can grow with new facts or 'worm roids'
'Damn, Meg, my bf is driving me insane!' 'He has the worms for my ex's! Everytime I talk dirty to him He keeps pryin' to know if I said the same thing to him when we fucked! Really drags me down.'

"_And it was only Fantasy, The Wall was too high, as you can see, however he tried he could not break free, and the WORMS ate into his Brain_" pink floyd The Wall
by Dr.Boomstik March 02, 2009

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