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One of the awesomest cults in the world. This cult does not use subliminal messaging or other forms of non-consensual advertisement to get members to join, just offerings of cookies at cult meetings. This cult just has three rules to follow:
1. respect alix as a leader
2. do not steal cult members and make your own culr
3. DO NOT feed the bear
She joined alixism just for the cookies, but stayed because it was so freeking awesome.
by dr.alix April 08, 2007
A member of alixism. This person has likely joined just to get cookies.
She became an Alixite to get cookies, but didn't realise that she was stuck in the cult for life.
by dr.alix April 08, 2007
not automatic, something that requires manual labour.
What are you waiting for? Those doors are notamatic.
by Dr.Alix August 17, 2007
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