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A phrase used to describe someone of such little intelligence that they themselves seem to suck the very intelligence out of other average to intelligent human beings.
The idea is derived from the theory that someone can in fact be so inadequate that when they speak or perform an unintelligent act that there "Negative IQ" creates a suction or "Vortex" where nearby intelligence quotients spiral out of control into IQ absolute zero.
It is now commonly used as a put down to someone who says or does something dumb or to insult a generally unintelligent person.

Dumb person: "I beleive in ghosts"
Avrg person: "Thats a shame, try not be an IQ vortex when there are so many people around"

Dumb Person: "The federal government should have more authority in our lives"
Avrg Person: "HEY IQ VORTEX: please do the country a favor and never vote you fat prick"

Dumb Person: "lol"
Avrg Person: "I wish aids just squirted you in the face for typing that; you ignorant IQ vortex"
by Dr. wilkins III June 20, 2007
1)A deragatory term for people with red hair. They are generaly but not always tall and Caucasian. Typically used to put down someone for there gumpy features in
combination with there recesive bright red hair.
"You can't be on our team bobby, your way to lanky and weird, ya get out here you gumpy wendt!"

"like omg, you plan vacations around baseball stadiums you must be some kinda wendt!"
by Dr. wilkins III June 20, 2007

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