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1. Shotgun, to claim the passenger seat in the front of the car.

2. Shotgun, to call some object for your own personal use.

3. Shotgun, to call the second hit of a bong, pipe, joint.

4. Shotgun, a shit that won't come out but at the last second a gas pocket behind it shoots it out making it thunk into the toilet with possible recoil spray.
1. where are we drivin?
idk but shotgun!

2. dude who wants to play halo?
shotty first game!

3. man this is some dank shit i'm callin greens on this!

4. oh man i would not use that bathroom for a couple minutes i just shotgunned all over the toilet.
duuuude that is disgusting!
by Dr. shokalav July 31, 2008

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