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The kind of repulsive-looking, Confederate-flag-waving, cowboy-hat-wearing human filth you see on Jerry Springer and slithering through every rural town in America. They're a genetic abomination and must be stopped before they ruin this country's gene pool even worse than it already is.
Guests on Springer are inbreds of 10 consecutive generations of brother-sister fucking with some barnyard animals thrown in to give their gene-pool an extra spice. Their DNA doesn't even register as human anymore.
by Dr. Zoidberg November 30, 2005
To have a wank, to pull one's cracker, slap the salami, bash the bishop, choke the chicken etc. while on a ship.
friggin in the riggin, friggin in the riggin, friggin in the riggin there was fuck all else to do.
by Dr. Zoidberg December 07, 2002
To be intoxicated with illegal substances.
The driver involved with the hit & run incident appeared to be hepped up on goofballs
by Dr. Zoidberg December 08, 2002
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