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The Best NHL hockey Goalie to ever play the sport. Despite injuries and bad misfortune Mike Richter had more agility and flexablity then any goalie. Most consistant incredible play game in and game out despite that the team in front of him was horrible defensively. Mike Ritcher stood on his head ever time he played. New York Rangers won the cup in 94 because they had a good team, but it was all Mike Richter. If the Rangers would have had just decent teams these past years they would have won more cups with Richter in net.
Save by Richter!!!..
by Dr. Z July 19, 2005
Used by blacks, with reference to assaulting a fellow negro
Man, if I don't get my money back, I'm goin have to beat a nigga ass
by dr. z July 06, 2015
A type of glorified short term memory test, psychology and the media, want people to believe is an indicator of one's 'intelligence'. Based on the convenient assumption that intelligence is constant, and that all the worlds problems really only on thinking really hard about a single aspect of a problem, therefore, ignoring the power of (fast) intuitive insights that are based on making distant connections in the mind, and give way to an answer. Even though most real world problems, in history, began with some insight or intuition into a matter. IQ tests are based on a partial model of truth seeking, that ignores elements of experimental and creative thought.
My IQ is 120 (and I haven't done shit in my life to show for it)
by dr. z March 01, 2016
A glorified short term memory test
My IQ is 150 but I ain't done shit to show for being smart.
by dr. z February 29, 2016
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