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5 definitions by Dr. Wing

illegal immigrant who can't swim and has to crawl under the border fence
Keep and eye out for the scratchbacks!
by Dr. Wing January 15, 2005
To see a woman's whole entire boob.
Oh man, that was a fully!
by Dr. Wing January 16, 2005
when having sex "doggy style", inseting your thumb into the girl's rectum while doing a reving motion like a motorcycle.
Kelly makes me want to "rev it up"!
by Dr. Wing January 16, 2005
A 12 or 13 year old girl, who looks to be sexually active.
Oh man, this middle school has some garner-bait.
by Dr. Wing January 13, 2005
A domestic automobile who has had many modifications made to make it look better and faster. BUT it turns out looking like a gooker.
Did you see that Yellow Ford Escape? What a gookanism!
by Dr. Wing January 17, 2005