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The sport of taking in the surroundings of ones self. Usually done at a party, school, malls or social networks. This can be done by oneself or with a group of fellow Lurkers. The objective being to spot out the hottest girl and follow her with out detection. Different hand signals could be used to communicate between a team of lurkers.

There are several different levels of Lukin that can one can be judged on.

Level 1
Be able to spot a Bad Bitch with minimal to no detection.

Level 2
Be able to spot a Bad Bitch and communicate her location using hand signals to fellow lurkers.

Level 3
Be able to make physical contact with a Bad Bitch with minimal to no detection. Example: accidentally bump into some butt, elbow a pair of chesticles.

Level 4
The ability to continue the lurk on a Bad Bitch Online, using a social network. Such as finding out relationship status, location and other Bad Bitches associates.

Level 5
The ability to use nothing but the Lurkin method to find where Bad Bitches will congregate at.

Level 6
The ability the master the use of reflective surfaces and the development of heightened peripheral vision.

Level 7
The ability to lift items of the Bad Bitch. This could be anything from scarves, gloves to thongs

Level 8
Only 3 people have achieved this level. It consists of the ability to master the all levels of Lurkin and capture and contain a Bad Bitch without her knowing.
-hey man you see that bad bitch over there?

-dude i've been Lurkin since i got here.
by Dr. Willy B. Hardigan April 22, 2011
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