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Any word whose phonetic structure, whether through auditory impression or physical shaping of the mouth when saying, evokes imagery similar to the meaning of the word itself, where said meaning is food or eating related.

Any word that sounds the way what it means tastes or feels in the mouth. A taste/texture-specific version of onomatopoeia.

See: omnomonym
An example of an Omnomnomatopoeia could be that "zesty" sounds the way zesty things taste. Also consider chewy, crunchy, delicious, savory, pucker, sauerkraut, munch, slurp, etc.
by Dr. William Horrible, PhD March 29, 2012
Any hyper, random blabberings, often accompanied by jokingly loose loyalties; A person who is mikmmi tends to be a vigilant companion in dangerous places.
Did you hear all that mikmmi nonsense about defecting? What was that all about?
by Dr. William Horrible, PhD November 09, 2010

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