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tha real ghetto of miami along wit overtown carol city and all dat shit tha place where tha real drug deals go down. mary j ta tha celings llallo by tha pound n robberys lik everyday unlik mango hill and hialeah this is tha ghetto street life goes down here.
"Ten quidado con los locos de north west miami que te ceman el pecho, Que tu saves de las casas llena de herba astall techo?"
by Dr. Whyty Killa September 30, 2006
23" rimz "micheal jordans" (his jersey number) "labron back" (his number is on his back) used in miami n atlanta anywhere in tha durty durty south =]

23" =]
i got that chevy sittin high on sum duece trez!! XD
by Dr. Whyty Killa September 30, 2006
a place in Miami (near Hialeah) where a bunch of bitch ass niggas live and claim gangsta. they think they are cool and think they are a gang (M.H.B)mango hill boyz but they are soft pussies. mango hill is not a ghetto its a residence with town houses. are you kidding? they are not gangtsa they are gay.
dem mango hill niggas is gay ass hoe ass bitch niggas!!!
by Dr. Whyty Killa September 30, 2006

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