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When someone performing oral sex spits the male's own ejaculation into their face.
"Man, just when I thought I got a nice BJ, this hood rat gave me the jizz breathing dragon. My eyes nearly got stuck shut."

"Call me a sick bastard, but I was hoping I'd get a jizz breathing dragon as a birthday present, but she swallowed instead. I wish my girlfriend could be more adventurous."
by Dr. Walter Fanchy September 21, 2014
1. Being bothered by a self centered individual. 2. Being woken up earlier than desired by a significant other in a sudden and abrupt manner.
Man, I was trying to sleep in and my girlfriend ernied the shit out of me by yelling in my ear and poking me.
by Dr. Walter Fanchy October 06, 2013
Waiting for a raging erection to become flaccid by either waiting alone in a separate room or sitting down before facing other people.
Peter debonerized his morning-wood before facing his in-laws.

Alfred sneakily Googled pictures of Chloe Kardashian on his iPhone to help the debonerizing process before standing up.

"Well, John, I guess we should head home now."

"Hold on, babe, I have to debonerize."
by Dr. Walter Fanchy April 15, 2014
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